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Sanskrit is ancient language of India. As we know sanskrit language is full of all type of knowledge. Founder of Shri swami vivekanand shikshan sanstha , kolhapur Shikshanmahrshi Dr. Bapuji Salunkhe loved sanskrit  language who was expert on that. He was started sanskrit  teaching in sanstha . In Sanstha Lal Bahadur Shastri Arts comm.  And science college is only one college where PG level course in sanskrit available for everyone. Viva –voce are arranged for Ph.D. students of sanskrit under shivaji Uni. Kolhapur. This is only one centre in Shivaji Uni. Kol. For sanskrit students . Mostly economically back ward class and muslim communities students as well as girl students are being taken advantages of sanskrit language.

Famous scholar of Maharashtra state Respected Dr. A.H. Salunkhe And Mahakavi Kalidas Sanskrit Sadhna Purskar rewred  Smt Dr. S.S.Rajebhonsale are given their great contribution for college and department .

Best Practices


Contribution by the Alumni for the Development of the Department


Tutor ward Scheme : Financial Help to the Poor & Needy Students


Motivational lectures for Development of the


Soft skills, Entrepreneurship, Communication

Name– Rangoli course
Funding Agency –Self Funded
Intake Capacity – 14

  • Departmental Library-100Books
  • Free Internet Facility for faculty and students
  • Hiking, at jarendeshawar
  • wallPaper, Kalidas day ,
  • Gitta Jayanti
  • Rakhi pournima celebration at Rimand Home,
  • Teachers day
  • Sanskrit Day celebrated by students wall paper , mangalacharan, quiz Competition, and Sanskrit natika played And also broadcast by satara radio station,
  • Bartiya sanskruti pariksha taken by depa. Organized by Swami Vivekanand Kendra ,Kanyakumari 165 students participeted
  • Surprise Test
  • Remedial coaching
  • Bahaduriya Articles


Teaching Staff

Name Qualification  Designation
Dr.Smt.SUHASINIDEVI SHAHAJIRAO RAJEBHONSALE M.A[Marathi],M.A.[Sanskrit]B.Ed.Ph.D. Associate Professor
  • Study Tours
  • Organized Experts Lectures
  • Students Seminars
  • Project
  • Tutor ward Scheme
  • Wall papers
  • Self –design courses
  • Day͗͗ s celebration[kalidas day, Sanskrit day,gita jayanti etc]
  • Desktop
  • Internet Facility- Free Accesses for the Students
  • Departmental Library
  • Lecture Hall with Internet Facility
  • Lecture Method.
  • Discussion Method .
  • LCD Presentations.
  • Project Work
  • Classroom Seminars

Latest By Categories

  • To Develop Computer Literacy Among Each Student of our Department.
  • Proposed Career Oriented Course
  • To Enrich the departmental Library
  • To increase the societal extension activities of the faculty and students
  • To start consultancy for primary and secondary teachers for Sanskrit awairness

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